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With experience as an advisor since 1989 working with business owners and professionals, families and individuals, I pride myself on offering simple solutions to often complicated insurance, investment, retirement, estate, and tax planning problems. I work collaboratively with my clients in conjunction with their professional advisors to tailor needs based solutions to manage risk and grow assets.

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Rob Penson
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Rob Penson, CFP®
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How Can I Help You?

Are you a candidate for an Individual Pension Plan? What about tax free Corporate Estate Transfer? Do you need Employee Benefits or do you want to help your employees save for retirement?
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What type and how much life insurance do you need? What is the difference between Disability, Critical Illness, and Long Term Care Insurance and do I need any of these living benefits?
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Are you paying too much tax on your investment income? Is your company? There are ways to defer or eliminate this tax burden, and receive tax free Return of Capital (ROC) of your own money.
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Do you have a family cottage, family business or other assets that have gone up in value since you acquired them? There are ways to make sure your loved ones are the main beneficiaries of your hard work, not CRA.
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Your may be retired longer than you worked. Have you thought about what you want to do with this time? This is the most important step to determine how much money you will need. Let's get together and talk about it.
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Do you know what "burn rate" or "retirement risk zone" means? Minimizing risk and protecting capital are primary considerations when you reach the point where you are spending your heard earned retirement savings.
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